Canadian PET/CT Centre

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PET/CT in Canada 

In B.C. an estimated 23,700 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2013 of which at least 10,000 could benefit from PET/CT. Our medical system capacity is approximately 3,000 scans on each of the two scanners at the BC Cancer Agency's Vancouver facility. These government figures demonstrate the potential demand for PET/CT.

In addition, as a private facility we have attracted the attention of researchers across the country. We will soon be embarking on new clinical trials including an Alzheimer's and Parkinson's PET research study as well as a choline based PET pharmaceutical trial for advanced pancreatic, prostate, and colorectal imaging.

Chinese MRI Clinic – Beijing

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Diagnostics in China

Meeting demand for improved access to medical services is a priority in China. Our Beijing facility was fully functional within 6 months of signing the JV agreement in 2010. It consistently exceeds expectations;

 March12    Agreement Signed
 March20    Licensing Approvals
 April2    Planning & Design
 June16    Equipment Ordered
 June18    Construction & Inspection
 August15    Equipment Installations
 September1    Testing & Training
 September15    Begin Scanning

Premier’s Diagnostic Centres


Premier Diagnostic Health

We are developing and operating diagnostic imaging clinics in Canada and China, providing advanced imaging technology that improves patient treatment and outcomes.

We designed and operate the only private PET/CT imaging centre in Western Canada. There are only 2 others in B.C.  Seattle has 42 of the 2,770 certified Medicare & Medicaid PET facilities.

Our China MRI centre in Beijing has exceeded our goals and expectations due to our efficient management protocols and huge demand, exceeding 1100 scans per month.

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